My work is inspired by time and space. It is based on the scientific theory of ‘Relativity’ by Albert Einstein. In this theory time and Space are linked with each other. Until this theory was published, these were considered separate and independent phenomenon. People thought they are unaffected by an object in the space. By relativity, these two factors interact with each other and bend space by objects of mass. Although the theme of my works started from this scientific discovery, It doesn’t reflect the scientific fact. How these ideas are visualized in my works is a figment of my imagination. I focus on visualizing the way in which time and space are linked on silver.

Time is one-dimensional. Time of one’s life currently flows from the past to the future. And it flows from one point to another with direction. The time of life is interspersed with others and is also at an important crossroads in determining the direction of it. It is generally that time always moves at the same speed, but to us, it is also relatively recognized. Depending on who is with us in the situation we are in, we may feel the same 10 minutes very short or as long. In my work, the direction and relativity of time move in the form of lines and textures. These are short or long, straight or bent depending on their respective speeds. I expressed these lines and texture by hammering or chasing on the surface of silver objects.

Space is a three-dimensional background in which time passes. Therefore they influence each other. The surface of the silver bends and waves as time moves through it. The overall object form or ratio of components is the influence of the surrounding environment or culture which I have been exposed to.



백현 Hyun Baek





2012 – 2015 국민대학교 Koomin Univ. Seoul Korea M.F.A

2008 – 2012 국민대학교 Koomin Univ. Seoul Korea B.F.A




2017 Modern & Vintage – 그때, 여기 / Merciel bis gallery / Busan Korea

2016 제주 바다로부터 From Jeju sea / 반짝반짝지구상회 / Jeju Korea

2012 알케미스츠 물질의 신화 Alchemists Mythology of material/ KCDF/ Seoul Korea

2012 80-90 감성이미지 80-90 Sensitive Image/ 성곡미술관 Sung-gok Museum/ Seoul Korea

2010 칭화대-국민대 국제 교류전 Tsinghua Univ – Koomin Univ International Interchange exhibit / tsinghua Univ / Beijing china




2017 The Corso International Art Fair – Gongpyeong Art / Lotte Hotel / Ulsan Korea

2016 공예트렌드페어 Craft Trend Fair – hbMAIKNG / COEX / Seoul Korea

2011 공예트렌드페어 Craft Trend Fair – Steam Hearts / COEX / Seoul Korea



Work experience

2016 – 2018 윌리엄 리 William Lee silversmith / Seoul Korea

2014 – 2016 MUSTER 방송소품제작 MUSTER making props for broadcasting / Goyang Korea

2012 – 2014 국민대 교육조교 Educational assistant in Koomin Univ. / Seoul Korea